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    God Can Take You Through Any Predicament

    Rest in God, never try to resolve matters on your emotions, ask God to take the lead ... With His help and guidance, you’ll have the best outcome. Best of all - you will have settled peace going through your predicament, through any life struggles.

    Thanks and Praise to The Most High

    To God be the glory - great things He has done- praise The Lord most High!! Hallelujah -The Lord God Almighty reigns, let's lift our voice and give God the glory, He reigns, He reigns, He reigns - Amen. Lift up your head and move in a positive dir...

    Our Only Help Is in God

    God will work out all our circumstances for our good. “Sometimes you don’t feel like trusting Him - but trust God”. He has never let me down no matter how hard my situation looks dire. Sometimes I feel as though It’s long wait for help to come- He always come through in His time. Wait patiently for Him and not another.