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    Still Trust God - He's not through with us Yet

     Whatever in life that you are pursuing, do not ever let anyone stop you; never allow people’s rejection or sidestepping manipulate your vision and ambition. Many accomplishments were not achieved by popularity, but by hard work and consistency in what you believe.

    Trust God for The Rest of The Year

    Sometimes we fall short of showing or expressing thankfulness or how grateful we are for little things around us. God has been keeping us through our trials and tests’. His provision and love towards us should remind us how much He truly cares.

    New Month but Trust God

    As we enter October - this is not the end of the journey just yet!! Let's just get radical in giving more praise and thanksgiving to God for being with us this far. Trust Him more to guide you safely through this month and beyond. Some of us have been through some circumstances - only God knows how we came out and how we are still continuing on the journey. It can only be the keeping care of God!