About the Author

    “Be yourself, value who you are and support others - without fear of judgement...”

    Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Jennifer is the eldest of eight children - three of whom have since passed on.

    For as long as she can remember, Jennifer has been passionate about helping the others.


    Throughout her adult life she continues to give her time to the service of others, even when, on occasions, it seems impossible.
    Jennifer says: “I felt compelled to do at least one voluntary task each week".


    Since the tragic passing of her son, it has become quite difficult to be as active as she once was, in serving others or for personal reasons. 


    Jennifer worked as a Civil Servant before the tragic passing of son, Nicholas, through Knife Crime. The perpetrator was someone who was, and still is, mentally ill. The medical term that describes this young man's condition is schizophrenia.


    Since then Jennifer has been writing inspirational thoughts and Blogs her own experiences. She is the author of two books namely, ‘The Trumpet Sounds Calls to Restoration' and 'Pearly Notes of Wisdom', you can find more information about these books on:www.thetrumpetsounds.com.

    Jennifer's faith, and as a ‘Believer’ in God, has given her much strength to persevere in the midst of adversity.


    Jennifer is married, blessed with four children (two boys and two girls), her youngest son Nicholas now deceased and four grandchildren. She says that God has been her strength for the challenges of the journey.