About the Author

    Jennifer Beckford


    “Be yourself, value who you are and support others - without fear of judgement...”

    Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Jennifer is the eldest of eight children - three of whom have since passed on.  Although they worked hard, her parents had little money; they could not afford to buy their own home, they had no luxuries and often struggled to pay for necessities such as food, water and electricity.

    Jennifer’s early years were not easy, but she was taught to be content with what she had. Despite their limited means her parents showed her great love and guidance, instilling in their daughter the value of an education and a strong belief in the power of daily prayer.

    Jennifer and her brothers and sisters were taught from an early age always to speak the truth, respect their elders, share what little they had and look out for those less fortunate than themselves. It wasn’t until she became an adult that she realised just how much her parents had loved them and what they had sacrificed for them. She now thanks God for their strength and determination to guide their children on the right path. 

    Jennifer’s early experiences now give her the strength to resist negative influences that might affect her personal and spiritual wellbeing.  Not that Jennifer claims in any way to be ‘perfect’ - far from it!  She is the first to admit with hindsight that she has made many mistakes in her life, despite having always tried her best to do the right thing. The point is that she has learned from these experiences, and in the process gained deep insights. This has not only empowered her to remain focussed on her chosen path, but also gives her the wisdom to guide others who find themselves on a similar journey.

    Jennifer’s work...

    For as long as she can remember, Jennifer has been passionate about helping the needy and vulnerable.  As a child in Jamaica she would visit elderly people in her community, helping out with household chores, reading a book, gardening or running errands. 

    Throughout her adult life she has continued to give her time in the service of others, even when, on occasions, it has left her without enough money for her own needs.  Jennifer says: “I feel compelled to do at least one voluntary task each week ... it’s an act of self-sacrifice. I’ve never properly understood why I possess this calling to serve – it’s just something that happens. Every day I ask myself, ‘How far have I stretched myself? How far can I go?’”  

    During the course of serving her community over the years, Jennifer has come into contact with many different cultures and beliefs. She has recently been engaged in mentoring young people - including visiting serving prisoners and supporting newly-released offenders to make a new start in life. As well as writing extensively about her work and insights, Jennifer is involved in various community projects - both in the UK, where she lives, and Jamaica, Kenya and the USA. Wherever she finds herself, people come to her for help and advice and to seek her views on life’s challenges. Yet people are often surprised to learn that Jennifer regards herself as a shy person. She is easily embarrassed and hates to attract attention to herself, but she knows it is an inevitable part of her work.  

    Jennifer is married, blessed with four children (two boys and two girls), her youngest son now deceased and four grandchildren. She says that God has blessed her with a husband who has always been there for her and given his support in whatever she does.