A special to all Moms

    A special to all Moms

    This is a special poem (this poem was sent to me by my youngest daughter) I would like to share to you Moms, as you prepare for your child/children returning to the various educational institutions, from Nursery to University.                                                   

    This back to school preparations can be quite challenging, that is why ‘The Trumpet Sounds’, take this time in sharing with you Moms who mostly have the responsibilities of preparing the children. Dads who are also working tirelessly, we take time out to encourage you, to keep on providing for your family.


    A Mother

    A mother who shares

    A mother who cares

    A mother who understands and gives a helping hand       

    A mother who gives her best when trials stands there test

    A mother who can comprehend and is always a friend

    A mother through every season

    She is a mother for every reason

    She is a mother and that’s who she is

    She is the main backbone and a good mother will never leave her children alone

    She is the sole provider

    A mother who is the biggest motivator

    She will encourage you when you don’t know what to do

    I love you very much.

    By Boshando Blackwood


    Quote of the Month:

    Positive values are pure, they may be simple but they are the key to our moral well-being. Let’s get back to the grass root of simple values, the little social graces of yesteryear; we can still apply and remind our children today. 

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