Be Kind even in Adversity

    At the PM’s announcement today 24th May 2019, it was really sad to hear the Prime Minister of Britain giving her resignation date. To the ending of speech her voice cracked, I couldn’t help myself but to feel empathy for the lady. It was like a very defeating blow for her and her supporters I believe.

    People make mistakes and bad decisions from time to time; some could be avoided. There are always consequences for every action, but it doesn’t mean we dig a hole and bury the person at fault.

    People, especially leaders, need to have the right people around them to give support, Godly advice and suggestions. Not to gang up on them when there are disagreements. People who mean you well, will be there for you through thick and thin. They may not agree with you on certain matters but will bring valid solutions, suggestions and advice.

    On the other hand, people - whatever the status should be able to listen and act carefully, value suggestions given.

    Everybody needs somebody, there are lessons learnt here ...

    The people around you know more about you than anyone else. You expect them to help you when you’re falling, sometimes that’s not the case.

    People should not laugh or rejoice over other people’s down fall!

    Somebody may try to run for a role to replace you. We have seen it all before, as the saying goes-

     ‘the Knife that stick goat stick sheep’

    ‘He who laughs last laugh best’!

    Be careful not to rejoice over people’s hurt, for example, loss of power, but rather help them to rise again. Let us be kind and sympathetic - we never know what tomorrow may bring!


    © thetrumpetsounds 2019

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