The Woman in the Home

    The Woman in the Home 

    She is special, she can multitask (even under pressure), she is able to cement the family together and care for her family’s needs, particularly when there are family members who are unable to fully care for themselves.  Oh yes, life for the Woman in the Home can be quite challenging, for example, When a Grandmother, unexpectedly, has to take on the full responsibility for caring for her small grandchildren, her whole world changes!!  Or what about a Daughter who is a single Mom, has been recently divorced or, is experiencing financial crisis where she reaches the point of dependence on relatives/friends?  We salute the Sister who is to be caring for her severely ill Uncle or Father, especially when she misses out on social events/recreations and sometimes the opportunity to find ‘Mr Right’.

    What are the challenges that face you at this time, are you feeling pressed down by your circumstances?  Maybe you had made some sacrifices for your family like giving up your job to be the main carer, but now you feel it is time to do something for you.

    There are various ways we can try to balance our duties, ‘prioritise’ is the key. Our goals can be accomplished  successfully  when we list each goal in order of importance and then try breaking                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             down these goals into smaller tasks.  List each task in a logical order and importance for completion and then tackle each task one by one.  For example, you may have your exams, to be successful you will need to work out a realistic study plan and the activities / subjects that you will need to cover for your given subject. You may find it useful to consider how you will stick to the plan, particularly if you become distracted.  Or you may have a mountain of jobs to do around the home like… Preparing the evening meal for the family and helping the children with their homework.

     Rewards can be useful e.g.  Watch your favourite programme or allocate yourself a little ‘me’ time - whatever works for you!!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you may need advice from a specialist organisation from outside of the home.  Whatever the tasks are ahead, this can be achieved through resilience and determination. Instead of dwelling on past negative experiences why not put all that energy into learning from them…


    It is time for assessment, reviewing your current position, and finding out where you are at? Is this the position I want to be in, where do I see myself in the next few months?  Am I achieving my potential, am I in a position to pursue my dreams/visions, what have I given up to help my family? Maybe it’s time to speak/discuss with family members how you honestly feel – say how you are feeling… whether it is a feeling of being trapped, fearful, and/or pressured. Make suggestions, ideas of what you would like to do - have you considered an action plan?

    Whatever your decision you should be happy and satisfied within yourself. Be clear to pray and let your God given conscience lead you, that way, you will be at peace with yourself. Remember there may be moments when you may feel bad because you are not sure if you have made the right decision, you may not get the support you had anticipated. Don’t give up on your goals, pursue your visions, they can happen if you don’t to give up - just remember, it is not an overnight thing.  Nothing of real value comes easy, again its hard work, perseverance and your inner strength.

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