2015 Articles

    For all We Have Been Through

    For all we have been through in 2015... God has brought us safely through all life's struggles and its problems, despite our different challenges. Our encouragement is that our heavenly still cares about our every situations.

    The Journey- My Now

    It's not over till it's over..." I continue to tell myself - I will not lose my battle to OVERCOME." I hope to use my experiences to help a mother, father, or sister/s, brother/s other relatives, friends, as they go through their own pain. To gain co...

    Finances- God Still Cares

    The economic conditions sometimes put strains on Relationships, Organisations, Communities and other bodies. As individuals, we are mostly affected because we are humans and if we you're the main bread winner, the strain becomes more difficult. But we can depend on a God who supplies our need and gives us peace in our circumstances.