Do you feel neglected?

    Do you feel neglected? Don’t give in to neglect or lonesomeness, these symptoms are far from a crime, they are part of any human feelings sometime or another. Each person goes through one thing or the other but deals with them in different ways.

    Woman…of Substance

    Women you are of substance, you are of great value… a woman is a motivator, mothers, counsellors; she is the centre piece of any jewel.  Hi men, whilst we adore and respect you, you must admit that without women as part of the essential ingredient, the cake would be just tasteless.

    The Little Things…

    Do you remember the days when basic moral principles of ‘thank you…s and excuse and how are you, the hello…s use to be the order of the day… (Old fashion habits?)’. Do we still teach our young ones for example; when they are crossing over to sit next to somebody, that the right thing to do is to say excuse me (sometimes you may even witness folks just cross over another person with everything they have got is all in the next persons face). Back in the days both youngsters and seniors alike use to be so courteous and kind and respectful.

    The Banana Story

    I heard of a story (I was told it is true, whether it is so or not I just love the moral of it) …of a man who got so fed up with life and its problems; one day he didn’t have much left but ‘one ripe banana.’ He decided he didn’t want to go on anymore with life, so he decided to climb up a tree and eat his banana then take his life. Unaware to him another man came and sat under the tree with a similar situation, both unaware of each other’s presence.

    Today the sun is shining..but..

    “Today the sun is shining but I am not enjoying it, I feel as though I am not enjoying life any at all.  The things I dreamt of having seems all shattered, I feel a sense of hopelessness. I can’t’ even pay my bills; I don’t do the little things that mattered to me most anymore. I would like to live life to the full, to be just happy and care free; ” but it is not like that anymore you say”…