The Banana Story

    I heard of a story (I was told it is true, whether it is so or not I just love the moral of it) …of a man who got so fed up with life and its problems; one day he didn’t have much left but ‘one ripe banana.’ He decided he didn’t want to go on anymore with life, so he decided to climb up a tree and eat his banana then take his life. Unaware to him another man came and sat under the tree with a similar situation, both unaware of each other’s presence.

    Today the sun is shining..but..

    “Today the sun is shining but I am not enjoying it, I feel as though I am not enjoying life any at all.  The things I dreamt of having seems all shattered, I feel a sense of hopelessness. I can’t’ even pay my bills; I don’t do the little things that mattered to me most anymore. I would like to live life to the full, to be just happy and care free; ” but it is not like that anymore you say”…