It is still Jesus

    Don't be angry, don't be Grievous when things are going wrong, nor go in despair. Don't go in self-pity either even when it seems your friends are all gone - because it's still Jesus.
    When you want to make the right decisions and don't know which way to go - it's still Jesus.

    Don’t Let Situations Determine Your Life

    We learn from our mistakes and move on to positive thinking and understanding, to continue our journey with our family members who are most important.

    Don't let negative things / thoughts get in your way of happiness, life is too short and so you have to leave negative things and people behind.

    Trusting Others

    Trusting others is good, but not putting your whole life in a person, remember they can only do so much

    Give it to Jesus

    When you don't know which way to go and feel you're at your cross road - give it to Jesus.

    Tis the Season!

    Yesterday during my journey on the bus, the driver belted out over his microphone - 'Merry Christmas and happy New Year'  in his salutations to the passengers!! That changed the atmosphere to laughter and smiles all around on that bus including myse...

    God Rules -The Bigger Boss

    When a nation or people forget God, then He will send reminders to let mankind know that He rules. There's no bigger boss than Him. He will cause a nation/s to be in disarray, among other things.  Leaders have become confused because they just don'...

    A special to all Moms

    A special to all Moms This is a special poem (this poem was sent to me by my youngest daughter) I would like to share to you Moms, as you prepare for your child/children returning to the various educational institutions, from Nursery to University. ...

    The Woman in the Home

    The Woman in the Home  She is special, she can multitask (even under pressure), she is able to cement the family together and care for her family’s needs, particularly when there are family members who are unable to fully care for themselves.  O...

    Mother in Deed - You Are...

    Working tirelessly regardless of how unappreciated you may feel at times, even when you are taken for granted... You continue to exhibits behaviour that is of peace and harmony during times of conflicts in the home.

    This Season…

    Reach out to someone in your circle whom you may have not even said a word to for a long time. Let us try and reach out for  that neighbour, friend; who may have behave so badly against you, or  a relative, your child/children or spouse you never get to spend enough time with.