Values and Morals

    Only God can….

    Only God can help us to be forgiving when we are being accused wrongfully.

    Let us count it all joy despite our feelings - for this too shall pass.

    Sometimes it is the other way round, so let us be patient and show kindness to others.

    A New Thing

    The Children of God does not have to worry how we will cope. God has made a promise and he will keep it. We only need to do our part, by living in His principles and follow His guidelines. 

    God promised to keep us. He didn’t say we would not be affected by things around us - not at all, He will keep and sustain us

    Be Mindful and Faint Not

    Men must always pray and not faint - troublesome times are here and people are very fearful with the turn of events that affect every nation, this has now become a worldwide concern and leaders are taking necessary precautions. This is one pandemic that we can’t take lightly.

    Keep Calm Coming Out

    Let us be grateful and give thanks to Almighty God, regardless of the crisis or position we find ourselves in. There are and still will be changes over which we have no control.

    Today - I Am Grateful

     I am truly thankful to God that He has been more than my help.

    Peace During This Time

    ....believe and have faith, trusting that it is well despite the things that are challenging us.

    Prayer is The Key

    The truth is- if it had not been for the prayers of people -this plague on the land could have been worse, whether we believe it or not... 

    Be Positive Despite Social Distancing

    Therefore, let us unite and care for one another, let us try and understand what is going on, show a little kindness ... Pray without letting up to God, to help us all.

    Time to Lock Down. - Let God Respond

    We should take time to renew our mind - have peace in our mind!

    Depending on God

    No matter what we are going through, can we still praise God in the middle of crisis, pray when we don’t feel like it; go to church when we feel like we can’t be bothered, or simply don’t feel like it?