Values and Morals

    God's Power vs The Elections (Part 1)

    Trump!! no one could ever imagine the scale of the votes in the American elections that got Mr Trump his victory. Once again, God is showing another picture of the last days. If we pay careful attention how things have been going, we would realise ...

    Exchange ‘what’- for good Moral Values??

    Sometimes as a mother/a concerned woman who cares about the directions some of our young people/children are choosing in the light of the economic downturn, these concerns can be quite worrying, especially when we try to emulate leaders of our society as example setters.

    ‘The Trumpet Sounds’ theme for this year 2013: The year of the family - Improving ‘home’ skills to strengthen family bonding

    The family is the most fundamental core of any community/society. The family’s role pivots around the making of a generation, whose lives are moulded as the ‘Potter to the clay’.

    This issue, we will focus a bit on the woman in the family – revealing her unique qualities within this special unit that we call the ‘family’, helping her to find her place as a very special and unique person.

    Honesty… the Best Policy

    ‘Honesty is the best policy, ever heard of…. ‘Speak the truth and speak it ever.  Cost it what it will…he who hides the wrong he did. Does the wrong thing still’..?


    Values So Dear

    Values will play a very important role in guiding us through what will be a period of challenging times. One will have to take time to identify and implement the necessary changes in the way we go about doing things. Sometimes we ignore the little things that seem so insignificant and so small to us and in our society today like, regarding respect. This has been a major concern for me, as I see the lack of these values staring in the face of society these last days.

    The Little Things…

    Do you remember the days when basic moral principles of ‘thank you…s and excuse and how are you, the hello…s use to be the order of the day… (Old fashion habits?)’. Do we still teach our young ones for example; when they are crossing over to sit next to somebody, that the right thing to do is to say excuse me (sometimes you may even witness folks just cross over another person with everything they have got is all in the next persons face). Back in the days both youngsters and seniors alike use to be so courteous and kind and respectful.