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    Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Jennifer the eldest of eight children –two of whom have passed on. Jennifer’s early years were not easy, but her parents taught her to be content with what she had. Despite their limited means, her parents (both now deceased) also showed her great love and guidance. They instilled in her the value of an education and a strong belief in the power of daily prayer.

    Jennifer and her brothers and sisters were taught from an early age to always speak the truth, respect their elders, share what little they had, and look out for those less fortunate than themselves. As an adult, she realised just how much that drives her to help others.  Throughout her adult life, Jennifer continues to give her time in the service of others, even when, on occasion, it leaves her without enough money to meet her own needs. Jennifer is married and has four children (two boys and two girls) and four grandchildren. God has blessed her with a husband who is always there for her and supports her in whatever she does.

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    Pearly Notes of Wisdom

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    I was motivated to publish a notebook with inspirational notes because of my first book- The Trumpet Sounds… Calls to Restoration. I realized that in my every day walk through life - situations can become so complex, that sometimes not even the nearest and dearest person can be found to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on...

    The Trumpet Sounds... Calls to Restoration

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    This book is intended to encourage readers on matters that affect all of us. The focus is on the fundamental truths of life, which you can apply even if your purpose or place in life seems uncertain. I took the opportunity to share my experiences with life struggles and conflicts...