Our Mission


    The Trumpet Sounds exists to empower women everywhere to free themselves from the burden of oppression and physical and mental slavery, to help them build their self-esteem and strive to fulfil their true potential in life. 

    Our mission is to...

    1. Provide a forum for women who want their voice to be heard
    2. Support the talent and potential of women who are struggling to find their position in life
    3. Empower women to develop their natural gifts and share them with others
    4. Enable women to express themselves without fear of intimidation or ridicule
    5. Embrace women who feel rejected - whether by individual people, institutions, the attitudes and misconceptions of others or a world that has grown insensitive to the values of others
    6. Provide people with an awareness of the difficulties and issues that women face daily, yet may be taken for granted or neglected amidst the noise and confusion of modern life
    7. Help women remain positive and find their inner-strength

    We encourage all women who may be been broken in spirit and mind or have lost their will to survive to come back fighting, to regain their inner courage and face life’s challenges with renewed strength. It is our passionate belief that by sharing our real-life experiences with like-minded people we are able to gain deep personal insights that will support us on life’s journey.