Pearly Notes of Wisdom


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    I was motivated to publish a notebook with inspirational notes because of my first book- The Trumpet Sounds… Calls to Restoration. I realized that in my every day walk through life - situations can become so complex, that sometimes not even the nearest and dearest person can be found to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. Each person has his or her own issues to deal with and we are living in a world that is troubled on every side.

    This special notebook aims to share nuggets of powerful encouragement to help lift your own thinking. I am motivated by God through the Holy Spirit; these profound messages have helped me through difficult situations, in them I find comfort, consolation and peace.

    I have been wonderfully blessed to have listened to many people’s testimonies of life’s healing, achievements and trials and feel compelled to share this great source of strength with you. This Note book is not just to write notes, but one that offers a word of comfort - a word of inspiration.